Scientists have named six emotions conveyed by screaming

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Swiss scientists from the University of Zurich conducted a study and found out which six emotions a person transmits with the help of screaming. The results of the study were published in the journal PLOS Biology.

According to experts, people scream for a number of reasons, and this is not always a manifestation of fear. Scientists have identified six different types of screaming. They are associated with anger and pain, pleasure and fear, joy and sadness. The authors of the study emphasized that people respond faster and more accurately to “positive” exclamations.

Experts considered the obtained results of the study surprising.

“The functions of screaming seem to have changed significantly in humans, and this represents an important evolutionary step,” the site quoted the head of the study, Sasha Fryukholts, on April 15.

Scientists have noted that people tend to shout not only for the signal of danger, but also informing others about positive emotions.

In 2019, researchers at Concordia University in Canada linked the effects of emotion to the life expectancy of older people. Experts have concluded that often angry older people suffer more from inflammation and chronic disease and live less on average.