Scientists have named organisms that will survive on Earth in 1 billion years

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Only primitive bacteria will be able to survive on Earth in 1 billion years, Japanese and American scientists said in the ExtremeTech technology blog.

The American space agency NASA asked the specialist Kazumi Ozaki from the University of Toho in Japan and Chris Reinhard from the Georgia Institute of Technology to simulate the climate on our planet, which will form in a billion years. The experiment showed that by that time the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere will decrease by almost 100 times due to aging, and, accordingly, heating of the Sun.

After a billion years, according to experts, the Sun will warm up to such temperatures that it will break down carbon dioxide, and this will start the decarbonization process and stop photosynthesis.

Under such conditions, only primitive anaerobic bacteria that exist without oxygen can survive. It is noted that the new conditions will be similar to those that were on Earth in the Archean about 4 billion years ago.

Earlier, an international team of scientists, as reported by Scientific Reports, first discovered microorganisms that can survive in meteorites and asteroids, since inorganic substances serve as energy sources for them.