Scientists have found a link between blood type and the risk of heart attack

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Scientists have determined the effect of a blood type on the risk of developing a heart attack. The results of the study, which involved more than 400 thousand people, were published in the American Heart Association.

According to the data, people with Blood groups II and III have a 8% higher risk of developing this disease than people with group I. Experts also found that in carriers of groups II and III, 51% and 47%, respectively, are higher than in others, the possibility of starting the process of venous thrombosis and pulmonary embolism.

However, the owners of the I blood group are more prone to high blood pressure.

As the Times of India emphasized on March 11, a similar study was already conducted in 2017. Then the doctors, based on the analysis of more than a million people, came to the conclusion that the blood type can tell about possible diseases that the patient will face in the future. This also includes a heart attack.

On January 2, scientists found out which blood group owners have stronger immunity. Scientists named the carriers of group IV the most powerful in terms of interferon production. In the body of these people, protein was well produced in 92% of the subjects.

In people with groups I and III, the study showed high results in 80% and 91% of the subjects, respectively. Carriers of group II in almost 40% of cases have a reduced ability to produce interferon and are more prone to diseases than others, the scientists specified.