Scientists have established the mechanism of action of AstraZeneca on the formation of blood clots

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The Norwegian and German researchers independently determined the mechanism of thromboembolic complications that occur in rare cases in those vaccinated with the AstraZeneca drug. On March 19, Friday, it became known about this from the publication of The Wall Street Journal.

According to published data, vaccination with AstraZeneca can provoke an autoimmune reaction in the body, causing the formation of blood clots. Thus, individual cases of thromboembolic complications in some vaccinated in Europe in recent years can be explained, the newspaper notes.

“We believe that the most likely hypothesis is that this particular vaccine causes a rare autoimmune reaction, which causes antibodies to appear, which then interact with platelets, but we do not know why this happens,” – quotes the publication of the words of Dr. Robert Klamroth, Deputy Chairman of the German Society for the Study of Thrombosis and Hemostasis.

A complication in patients can be diagnosed by doing a blood test. Treatment involves the use of drugs that thin the blood, as well as immunoglobulin, experts say.

The works in which these studies were conducted have not yet been published. German study participant Professor Andreas Grainacher said he had submitted the results for publication in the leading medical journal The Lancet.

On March 19, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that it had not found a connection between the formation of thrombosis with the vaccine with AstraZeneca. Nevertheless, diseases were recorded, including after vaccination with the drug AstraZeneca in Europe, but there is no certainty that they are caused specifically by vaccination, the organization noted.

In March, a number of European countries stopped using the drug due to the increased incidence of thrombosis after vaccination, NSN reports. So, in Denmark, a patient died after being vaccinated with AstraZeneca. In Norway, three health workers were admitted to hospital with blood clots after being vaccinated. One of them died. Similar cases have been reported in Australia, Slovakia, Italy and other countries.

The company AstraZeneca, against the background of the suspension of the use of the drug, declared its safety.