Scientists have developed smart tactile textiles

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Scientists from MIT CSAIL have proposed a new way to create smart clothes.

Experts have developed “tactile electronics”, which will not only provide comfort during everyday wear, but will also help track minor changes in the human body, as well as show the level of physical activity.

Smart textiles are made from conventional woven materials as well as piezoresistive fibers. They respond to pressure and maintain arbitrary three-dimensional shapes.

Scientists have used a neural network in smart clothes. It forms and draws conclusions about the position of the human body, recognizes the type of human activity.

This opens up a wide range of possibilities, including the ability to determine what a person has touched when they squatted and even stood on tiptoe. Textiles can be mass-produced even using available materials, use technology in sports, as well as in medicine and robotics to train robots to simulate human actions.