Scientists find promising drug compound in Barents Sea algae

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Scientists from the Kurchatov Institute Research Center conducted a study of the antibacterial properties of fucoidan, a natural compound isolated from brown algae in the Barents Sea. Experiments on microorganisms have shown that the compound inhibits the growth of pathogenic bacteria by more than 90%. In addition, as scientists suggest, the substance can be used in conjunction with classical antibiotics, leveling their side effects.

For their experiment, the staff of the Kurchatov Institute, together with colleagues from the Murmansk Marine Biological Institute, collected algae samples from a section of the bottom, which is exposed at low tide, near the village of Teriberka in the Murmansk region. The content of fucoidan in the plant was 10%. The compound was isolated from the marine flora by treatment with an ethyl alcohol solution and sonication.

The effect of the resulting substance was tested on 12 bacterial strains. It turned out that at high doses of fucoidan, bacterial growth was inhibited by more than 90%. Also, it has been shown that only 4-6 mg / ml of this substance is enough to stop the growth of bacteria. Scientists have found that the effect of fucoidan can be controlled with the correct dosage.

The study authors note the potential of fucoidan for a wide range of medical applications. It may turn out to be promising not only for the creation of new antibacterial drugs, but also for the treatment of oncology and other diseases. The compound has shown itself well as a means of inhibiting the growth of cancerous tumors in animals. In addition, earlier the same group of scientists from the Kurchatov Institute, together with the staff of the N.V. Janelidze conducted trials in which fucoidan was used to treat burns in rats. When applied to wounds preparations prepared from bacterial cellulose, which was additionally impregnated with a solution of fucoidan, burns healed much faster than without the use of this compound.

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