Saratov Ministry of Health urged not to drink moonshine

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In the Saratov region, 344 people died from alcohol poisoning in 2020. The number of poisonings traditionally increases during long holidays. The Ministry of Health of the Saratov region warns about this.

The main cause of poisoning is various tinctures and counterfeit alcohol based on methyl alcohol.

The agency clarifies that careless people use cosmetics, dosage forms for external use, medicinal tinctures, technical liquids, and household chemicals as alcohol surrogates.

Under the influence of a surrogate, a person may fall into a coma.

“The most common variant of alcohol surrogate is moonshine,” the Saratov Ministry of Health says. And he explains: “This is a highly toxic product that causes permanent irreversible changes in the entire body. The most harmful effect on the human body is fusel oil, which is a by-product of alcoholic fermentation.”