Sandu’s decree on the nomination of Gavrilitsa for the post of prime minister was declared unconstitutional

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The Constitutional Court of Moldova declared unconstitutional the decree of President Maia Sandu on the reappointment of Natalia Gavrilitsa as Prime Minister. This was announced on February 23 by the Noi portal.

The decision taken by the court was announced by its head Domnika Manole. “The Constitutional Court ruled to partially satisfy the request of the deputies of the Socialist Party, to declare illegal the presidential decree on the nomination of a candidate for the post of Prime Minister Natalya Gavrilitsa,” she said.

According to the head of the Constitutional Court, parliamentary factions should re-start consultations with the president of the country on the issue of appointing a candidate for the post of prime minister.

The post of Prime Minister of Moldova remains vacant since December 2020. Sandu has appointed Gavrilitsa, who is also the vice-chairman of the pro-presidential Action and Solidarity Party, as a candidate for prime minister.

The Moldovan parliament refused to support this appointment. On February 11, the Socialist Party and the parliamentary group Pentru Moldova formed a parliamentary majority for the nomination of ex-finance minister Marianna Durlesteanu as prime minister.

When Sandu again nominated Gavrilitsa as a candidate for prime minister, the socialists challenged this decision in the Constitutional Court.