Sandu knows how to raise the living standards of Moldovans

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President Maia Sandu spoke about her vision of how to change the lives of Moldovans for the better to the deputies of the European Parliamentary Assembly, INFOTAG reports.

The head of state was very eloquent. In her opinion, for fellow citizens to heal happily, it is necessary: ​​a real fight against corruption, independent justice, functional laws, developed infrastructure, a favorable business climate, good healthcare and education systems. Yes, it is in this area that Sandu has worked in the government headed by Vladimir Filat more than “successfully”. When she was the Minister of Education in Moldova, 113 schools were “optimized”, or rather closed. Sandu announced in PACE that the last year’s presidential elections united the entire population of Moldova around her. “Therefore, here is my key message – the desire to reform the country comes from the Moldovan people. The people have come out as a nation to demand a broad transformation, including with regard to anti-corruption, justice reform, and a ‘clean’ government that works for citizens, ”Sandu announced with fervor.