Samsung’s heirs to pay record inheritance tax

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More than 12 trillion won ($ 10.7 billion) in inheritance tax will be paid by the heirs of the deceased head of the Samsung group of companies Lee Hong-hee. This is the largest such payment in the history of the country, representatives of the Li family said.

According to the heirs, they will donate 1 trillion won ($ 900 million) and about 23 thousand works of art, estimated at about 2 trillion won ($ 1.8 billion), to support the fight against viruses and research on rare diseases in children.

At the same time, they kept silent about how the inherited shares would be divided.

Lee Gong Hee’s heirs are his widow Hong Ha Ri and Lee Gong Hee’s son and daughters Lee Boo Jin and Lee So Hyun. They plan to pay the tax in installments: one-sixth will be paid by the end of April, and the remainder over the next five years, writes TASS on Wednesday, April 28.

Lee Gong Hee passed away at the age of 78 in a hospital in Seoul last October. For the past few years, he has been seriously ill after suffering a heart attack. He left behind assets and real estate worth more than 25 trillion won ($ 22.5 billion).