Samburskaya addressed her middle finger to Ekaterina Gordon because of the trial with Drobysh

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The trial with producer Viktor Drobysh continued for Nastasya Samburskaya with a conflict with his lawyer Ekaterina Gordon. The girls exchanged insults.

Recall that Drobysh and Samburskaya have collaborated since 2016, then the actress tried to become a singer, but did not come out. She blamed her producer for the failure. In her opinion, for all these years he did nothing at all. Samburskaya started a legal battle to break the contract.

The media later wrote that the court ordered Drobysh to start promoting the actress again. Samburskaya called this statement a lie, suggesting that her enemies were spreading the rumors. Among them, she noted Katya Gordon, who, in her opinion, is promoting herself in high-profile celebrity proceedings.

Gordon responded by writing a post on Instagram. An extensive response was given. In particular, Gordon commented on Samburskaya’s statements that she allegedly “stole the name” from her ex-husband and is now making a name for herself on him.

“Dear Nastya, you are outraged that I bear a surname that was not given to me from birth. And to me the fact that you are Terekhova, and not Samburskaya, is interesting only at the time of writing the claim (for it is important to indicate the real name). Are you saying that we did not respect confidentiality? Confidentiality and you are already an unusual combination of words, ”the post says.

Gordon is sure that the rumors in the media were started by Samburskaya herself. She also stated that Samburskaya had been sent a notice of termination of the contract demanding damages.

The actress, in her usual style, published an angry post on the social network, in which she called Gordon an “insta lawyer.” The actress began her response with obvious insults: “If you have a fountain, shut it up. Let the fountain rest, too, ”and the post was accompanied by a photo where she shows her middle finger.