Salman Dadaev explained why the repair of I. Shamil St.

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Today the mayor of the city of Makhachkala, Salman Dadaev, drove along the central avenue of the city in a domestic car, model 99. This was done in order to realistically assess the quality of the road surface along Imam Shamil Avenue.

As the mayor wrote on his personal Instagram profile, not a single post on the mayor’s social network page is complete without mentioning the state of one of the main highways of the capital. This is what prompted Dadaev to evaluate the quality of the road on a personal example. Having completed the transport route, the mayor came to the conclusion that repairing local damage is not enough here. However, due to the fact that the contractor implementing the tender will not complete the work on updating the project in any way, a major overhaul of the prospect will be carried out here.

“In the most problematic areas, we will mill the surface and lay the asphalt pavement with large maps. The work will be carried out by seizures mainly at night, ”concluded the Mayor of Makhachkala Salman Dadaev.