Sale of tours in Russia with cashback will start in February

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The start of a new sale of tours in Russia with cashback will begin in February 2020. This was announced on Sunday, February 7, by the head of Rostourism Zarina Doguzova.

“This year we would like to continue this most demanded measure of support, which was highly appreciated by both business and tourists. We have already prepared rules for the submission of this subsidy, ”Doguzova said.

The head of Rostourism noted that the main conditions of the program will remain the same as they were in October-December 2020.

The tour must last at least two nights, the state will refund 20% of its cost (no more than 20 thousand rubles for one operation on one card). In this case, citizens must use the World card to purchase a tour. You can buy a ticket only from those tour operators that are included in the unified federal register.

In addition to tour operators, hotels and resorts that participated in the first two stages of the sale of tours with cashback, children’s camps can now take part in the action.

Also, the head of Rostourism noted that in 2021, an increase in domestic tourist flow in Russia is predicted by 15-20% compared to last year. Doguzova added that such indicators can be achieved in the absence of a lockdown.

Doguzova clarified that the inbound tourist flow to Russia will return to pre-crisis levels no earlier than 2023. And by autumn, the department expects a gradual restoration of international flows.

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