Sakhalin will feed the Far East and Japan with its cucumbers and peppers

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A project of an agro-industrial park was presented in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. On the territory of the planning area Novoaleksandrovsk, 70 hectares have been allocated for agricultural production. All park members will receive tax breaks and significant subsidies.

The project was presented by the deputy chairman of the regional government Anton Zaitsev. He also spoke about market research: Sakhalin needs producers of cucumbers, bell peppers and owners of refrigeration equipment.

“Sakhalin today is already a leader in the production of cucumbers,” said Zaitsev. – But in the Far East, 75 percent of these vegetables are exported. Taking into account the cost of logistics, we can be competitive and supply cucumbers to the same Kamchatka Territory. As for bell pepper, we, for example, do not produce it at all. In neighboring Japan, its average cost is 300 rubles per kilogram, it is imported from Holland. Why can’t we launch our greenhouse production and sell it half the price, given that Japan is 30 kilometers away?

Zaitsev also said that the island agricultural market is in dire need of refrigerators: a significant percentage of vegetables and fruits have to be imported precisely because there is nowhere to store their own goods. Both the cucumber and the refrigeration business can be launched and quickly earned income, especially since the agricultural park offers TOP conditions: this is the allocation of land without a competition, ready-made infrastructure, including supplied gas, no income tax for five years and no property tax and a large amount subsidies for the purchase of equipment.

The first stage of the agro-industrial park with a wholesale distribution center is planned to be commissioned in 2023.