Sakhalin residents will be able to ride a train with a discount on their birthday

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The Sakhalin Passenger Company has launched a campaign for birthday people who decide to spend their birthday while traveling. They will be able to buy tickets and travel around Sakhalin at a discount. The company shared the details on its Instagram.

The promotion started on April 23, 2021. On their birthday, as well as a week before and after the event, birthday people can buy a ticket for a compartment carriage of a long-distance train with a 10 percent discount, and for a SV carriage with a 20 percent discount.

The carrier decided not to deprive of discounts and fellow travelers of the birthday man. Therefore, he can take a ticket for the promotion not only for himself, but also for three fellow travelers. The promotion will be valid only at the ticket offices of the Sakhalin passenger company.