Sakhalin residents filmed how they mock a baby seal

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On April 22, on Sakhalin, a video was scattered on social networks of how several men found a seal on the coast and scoffed at him. They were not even stopped by the fact that such actions could easily end in death for the seals.

In the video, several men gathered around a young seal, talking and laughing loudly. And although it is obvious that the puppy is scared, they are not eager to stop doing it. And then one of them goes over all the edges and drags the seal by one paw towards the sea, although he desperately grabs the sand with his paws.

Sakhalin residents mocked a baby seal who was found on the shore

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At the same time, the island animal rights activists have repeatedly asked not to do this. In the spring on the coast, seals can be found quite often, but this does not mean that they are in danger. For them, land is exactly the same home as the sea. Perhaps they are waiting for a mother who feeds in the sea.

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GoSakhalin also prepared a reminder on how to behave when meeting a seal seal. Spoiler alert: do not touch, do not make noise, drive away animals and birds. Earlier, “MK on Sakhalin” already told that another baby seal was frightened off into the sea by a dog of Sakhalin residents.