Sakhalin “Aurora” in 2020 flew abroad 5 times less than in 2019

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Sakhalin Aurora lost more than half of its passenger traffic in 2020. The airline has published the data on its official website.

Almost from the very beginning of last year, the company had to adjust to the new reality. This applies not only to epidemiological requirements, but also to the frequency and directions of flights. Thus, the international sector was practically not in demand: “Aurora” performed 1.2 thousand regular flights and carried 73.7 thousand passengers in these directions. And also made 28 export flights from Bangkok, Hong Kong, Phuket, Seoul, Tokyo and Shanghai.

On regional and interregional routes, the airline carried 722 thousand passengers and performed 15 thousand flights.

By comparison, in 2019, the company carried 1.6 million passengers. Of these, 1.2 million – for domestic, and 450 thousand people – for international. The number of domestic flights in 2019 was 1.6 times more and totaled 25.1 thousand flights. And there are five times more international ones. Then 6.2 thousand flights flew abroad.

In the airline itself, such a fall was associated with the coronavirus epidemic, closed borders and ubiquitous restrictions.

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