S-300 complexes of the Northern Fleet have confirmed their high combat effectiveness

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The divisions of the missile regiments of the Kola Air Defense Division of the Northern Fleet performed live firing at target missiles as part of a tactical exercise taking place at the Ashuluk training ground in the Astrakhan region.

It is specified that in the process of live firing, all air targets were successfully hit with the result “one target – one missile.”

The divisions were equipped with the S-300 air defense system. The combat crews of the complexes worked out air defense (air defense) actions, from detecting targets in the air, ending with the use of direct weapons to eliminate them. Despite the difficult jamming situation, the servicemen managed to destroy about ten high-altitude, low-altitude and ballistic targets in the entire range of altitudes and speeds.

The main efforts of the military of the Northern Fleet were aimed at destroying target missiles operating in a different range of heights, directions and speeds, thus imitating the means of attack of a conventional enemy.

In turn, the radio engineering units worked out the tasks of monitoring the air situation in the protected area, tracking targets and issuing the corresponding coordinate information to missile units.

The second stage of practicing concerned the maneuvers of changing positions after the defeat of the “enemy”, countering potential sabotage groups and overcoming contaminated territories on the march.

The tactical exercise of the air defense division of the Northern Fleet was held with the use of about 600 servicemen and more than 60 units of combat and special equipment. It is noted that at the moment the military and military equipment are relocating to the points of permanent deployment.

The day before, on April 22, it became known about the start of the interspecific exercises of the Russian Armed Forces at the Opuk Crimean training ground.

Over 10 thousand servicemen, 1.2 thousand units of equipment and 40 warships were involved in the exercises. The maneuvers were attended by Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.