Ryazan offered to increase the cost of public transport

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In Ryazan, they proposed to increase the cost of public transport, Ryazanskie vedomosti writes.

The initiative was voiced at a meeting on the problems of urban public transport on April 28.

According to the Deputy Prime Minister Yevgeny Belenetsky, the task of the authorities is to listen to the proposals of VEB.RF and draw conclusions in which direction to move.

VEB.RF representative Alexander Kondrashov named transportation in the gray zone, high redundancy of the route network, outdated rolling stock and the absence of a single coordination center among the main problems of Ryazan transport.

To solve the problems of public transport in Ryazan, VEB.RF proposed to implement an integrated development project. It implies the choice of a single public transport operator, renewal of rolling stock, transition to gross contracts, network optimization, priority of movement for public transport. According to preliminary estimates, the volume of investments should amount to 3.1 billion rubles. Most of these funds can be obtained by raising the fare from 23 to 26 rubles.

VEB.RF representative Dmitry Yampolsky shared his experience in implementing such a program in Tver. Thus, the city managed to reduce travel time by 18%, the number of accidents involving public transport decreased by 30%, and the rate of adherence to the schedule increased to 98%.