Russians were told about the most profitable ways to keep money

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Anastasia Tarasova, head of the investment department of, explained to the Russians why they need a “financial cushion” and how to keep their savings most profitable.

So, the expert noted that the so-called airbag is created for a “rainy day” if a person suddenly loses his main source of income or an unforeseen situation occurs that requires financial expenses. At the same time, the size of such NZ should be approximately from 3 to 6 monthly expenses, Tarasova clarified.

For example, if a person receives 70 thousand rubles a month, and spends 35 thousand rubles, then he needs to have 105 thousand rubles as a reserve. Moreover, according to the expert, these funds are best stored in rubles.

One of the options for storing deferred funds, she said, is opening a savings account in a bank. The client can choose the most optimal conditions for himself, depending on, among other things, the amount and terms of the deposit. Also, citizens can use debit cards with interest on the balance.

“These funds are best kept in smaller amounts in stocks and more in bonds. These are OFZs or bonds of reliable companies (for example, Gazprom, Rosneft, VTB), “the Prime agency quotes the expert’s advice on Sunday, April 4.

The most balanced type of investment, according to the expert, is ETF – exchange-traded funds with low costs and collective investment. Equity and bond funds have a lower entry threshold than buying stocks and bonds entirely into an investment portfolio.

Tarasova urged to look at protective ETF funds such as FXGD (gold), FXRB (Eurobonds of Russian issuers with a ruble hedge), FXUS (US stocks) and FXIT (US IT sector).

At the same time, she noted that the investor receives income only from the growth in the value of the fund, and not in the form of dividends with an increase in the value of shares within it.

“For savings with a horizon of more than 5 years, the best solution would be to invest in stocks and ETFs on stocks to a greater extent than in bonds and ETFs on bonds,” the expert concluded.

On April 2, the development director of Noble Russian Finance Club, Alexander Zyurikov, said that the dollar and the euro are profitable currencies in the case of long-term investments, as well as in a situation when it is necessary to conduct monetary transactions in currencies. At the same time, financial advisers recommend keeping from one third to half of the savings in foreign currency. According to the expert, it is better not to store these funds, but to invest.