Russians talked about their expectations from work

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SuperJob, an online job search service, conducted a survey to find out what Russians expect from their jobs by the end of this year.

The study, which was conducted from April 9 to April 15, was attended by more than 1.6 thousand respondents over the age of 18, who have a permanent job, from all over the country.

Thus, most of the respondents (54%) said that they expect a salary increase from their work, 38% are counting on stability, and 29% – on career growth. Every fourth (25%) noted that new interesting tasks are important for them, the same number of respondents would like to work with “adequate leaders”.

Russians also talked about improving working conditions (15%), revising the system of motivation and recognition of their merits (12%), reducing the workload (10%) and improving relationships in the team (4%), writes RIA Novosti on Monday, 19 April.

It is noted that a similar study was conducted in December 2020. It turned out that the number of Russians waiting for a wage increase decreased from 59% to 54%. Also, respondents are less likely to give changes to the motivation system (16% and 12%, respectively).

“But more Russians dream about reducing the workload and recognizing their merits than at the end of 2020: in December every twentieth person dreamed of reducing the amount of work, now every tenth, 9% lacked recognition of merit last year, today – 12%”, – said in the message of the agency.

Earlier, on April 17, the Russians said that the fastest way to take a leadership position is in the area of ​​restaurants and cafes. The best cities for development in this industry, according to the respondents, were Moscow, St. Petersburg and Sochi.