Russians named areas in the labor market with rapid career growth

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The fastest way to take a managerial position is in the sphere of restaurants and cafes, the Russians said in a survey of the service.

More than 5 thousand respondents from all over Russia took part in the study. The fact that it is possible to grow to a managerial position faster in the restaurant business was stated by 26% of Russians. The best cities for development in this industry were Moscow (74%), St. Petersburg (55%) and Sochi (23%).

In second place was the IT sector (23%), and the best cities where you can develop in this industry were Moscow (82%), St. Petersburg (66%) and Novosibirsk (27%).

Manufacturing and industry closed the top three (23%). According to Russians, it is also easier to take a managerial position in Moscow (72%), St. Petersburg (53%), Novosibirsk and Yekaterinburg (22% each).

Also, respondents noted the marketing, advertising and PR (22%), banking, finance and investment (20%), transport (19%) and construction (18%).

A third of the respondents noted that three to five years of work experience is enough for a managerial position, 20% – from five to seven years, 19% – from one to three years. 11% of respondents said that for a leading position, work experience should be from seven to ten years, and 12% – more than ten years, writes RBC on Saturday, April 17.

On April 15, it was reported that Russians named women over 40 who have one or more adult children as the most effective employees.

This age category of women is also stable: they do not change their place of work for two to five years and ask for a promotion and a raise in salary half as often as their younger colleagues.