Russian wines were presented at the exhibition at the Expocentre

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“Inkerman Vintage Wine Factory” and “Massandra” presented their new products at the largest food exhibition of the country “ProdEXPO” in the Moscow “Expocentre”, according to the TV channel “Izvestia”.

The company, which turns 60 this year, employs adherents of classical traditions. The wine is aged both in stainless steel containers and in oak barrels.

Moreover, the oak must be of a certain age – from 100 to 150 years. A certain period of time must pass for the barrel to make the kind of wine that the winemaker wants to get.

Fortified and matured is a visiting card of the Crimean Massandra wines, one of the oldest and largest enterprises in the country. The collection of unique wines in the cellars, which were built by Prince Golitsyn, is now in the Guinness Book of Records.

Here traditions are honored and the most advanced technologies are applied. For example, all collectible bottles are sealed with sealing wax. Contact with oxygen will be practically excluded, the bottle can be stored for 15 to 20 years.

The Izvestia TV channel is available in the packages of cable operators, in Moscow it is located on the 26th button. The channel is also broadcast live on the website.