Russian tourists stuck in Jakarta due to coronavirus

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Russian tourists heading to Bali via Indonesia were stuck in Jakarta due to a sudden quarantine. This was announced on Wednesday, December 30, by the REN TV channel.

The country’s authorities have decided that everyone arriving in the republic must spend five days in quarantine. According to bloggers flying to Bali, the bus with passengers from Moscow was cordoned off by the military, children receive bread and synthetic juices as food. In addition, the observatory hotel smells of sewage, cockroaches are running around.

“We are in a hotel that is of little use for living. He is completely surrounded by the military, as soon as we take a step to the left, a step to the right, the military is running after us, “Nadine Serowski writes on Instagram.

The girl showed food and a toilet in the middle of the room.

The blogger also assures that they are being held in a foreign country “like criminals.” Serovski said they had to pay for a different hotel, but were still ordered to check into a hotel approved by the authorities.

Another tourist, Alina Akilova, complains that “the smell of the sewer is crazy”, there are cockroaches and dead flies all around, and they are being fed “dried rice and two pieces of fruit.”

Earlier it was reported that Indonesia will restrict entry for foreigners from January 1 to January 14 due to the new COVID-19 strain.

On December 11, after visiting the island on an inspection trip, the head of the Asia-Pacific Department of the World Tourism Organization Harry Hwan said that Bali could open to foreign tourists before the New Year or early January.

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