Russian scientists have created one-third less high-calorie sausage

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Russian scientists have developed a sausage recipe that is almost a third less high-calorie in comparison with the original delicacy. At the same time, the taste of the product remained traditional, according to its creators from the Volgograd State Technical University (VolgGTU).

For the original recipe, the scientists took the “Tea” sausage bread. The product consisted of minced meat, milk and a number of spices. In order to keep the product attractive to the consumer, but to make it more useful, the researchers made several changes to the recipe.

First, scientists reduced the fat content of the product by replacing the ground beef and pork mix with turkey meat. Further, instead of pork fat, they added 5% Jerusalem artichoke powder.

This is a perennial plant, the tubers of which (from which the powder is made) resemble a cross between potatoes and ginger roots. Jerusalem artichoke roots contain about 70% inulin.

According to scientists, the introduction of 5% Jerusalem artichoke powder instead of pork fat stabilizes the consistency of minced meat due to the properties of inulin to mimic the consistency of fat. It is this concentration that preserves the original taste of the product. The increase in the water-binding and water-holding capacity of minced meat is due to the properties of inulin.

During the research, scientists compared the physicochemical indicators of a control sample, that is, tea sausage, and a new product. The mass fraction of fat in sausage with Jerusalem artichoke powder has been halved. But proteins and carbohydrates have increased by a third. This was reflected in the energy value, which decreased by 30%, from 232 kcal per 100 g to 163 kcal.

Both samples had a typical sausage taste and smell and a light pink color.

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