Russian exodus: a memorial was opened in Sevastopol in memory of the end of the Civil War

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The monument in honor of the centenary of the “Russian Exodus”, which took place in the fall of 1920, became the first on the territory of Russia.

A new monument was opened in Sevastopol. The complex of sculptures is located on the banks of the Karantinnaya Bay, opposite Chersonesos, RIA Novosti reports.

The composition of the monument consists of several elements. At the foot of the column with the golden Motherland, which means reconciliation, are soldiers of the white and red armies with their heads bowed towards the eternal flame. Its particle was delivered from the Malakhov Kurgan.


Let us remind you that the installation of the monument caused a heated discussion in the local media and social networks. Some residents of Sevastopol dubbed the composition “the golden woman” and expressed their sincere misunderstanding of the reason for the installation. There were also those who supported the construction.

In 2015, descendants of white immigrants approached the President and the Military Historical Society. They proposed to erect a monument in the city dedicated to the reconciliation of the parties after the Civil War. During public discussions, the name of the monument was changed three times.


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