Russian Emergencies Ministry plane with a cargo of humanitarian aid landed in India

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The first board of the Russian Emergencies Ministry with a shipment of humanitarian aid landed in New Delhi, Dmitry Solodov, a representative of the Russian Embassy in India, said on Wednesday, April 28.

“The plane has landed. There will be one more board. We are expecting him in a few hours, “Solodov said.

The day before, the first Il-76 aircraft of the Russian Emergencies Ministry with medical equipment to help fight the new type of coronavirus flew to Delhi.

Both planes will deliver more than 22 tons of medicines, medical devices and equipment, including artificial lung ventilation devices, as humanitarian aid to help the country fight the spread of the coronavirus.

On April 28, it was reported that India had a new world record for the incidence of COVID-19, with 360,960 new cases of coronavirus infection detected in 24 hours. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare reported that the number of infected people during the entire epidemic in the country has reached almost 18 million people. India has the second highest incidence of COVID-19 after the United States.

The number of deaths associated with complications from coronavirus in the country increased by 3293 per day to 201,187.