Russia handed over the last batch of RD-180 rocket engines to the United States

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Roscosmos handed over six RD-180 rocket engines to American customers, according to the state corporation’s website.

Representatives of the companies Pratt & Whitney, United Launch Alliance, EP AMROSS signed the forms for the engines.

“In the two weeks prior to the handover, representatives from these companies, as well as NASA and the US Air Force, performed external inspections of engines, parts and accessories, as well as verification of accompanying documents. frontier “, – the message says.

This delivery will be the last under the current contract, specified in the message. In total, within the framework of more than twenty years of cooperation, NPO Energomash has supplied 122 commercial RD-180 engines to the United States.

The RD-180 is a liquid-propellant rocket engine used in the American Atlas launch vehicles.