Rostov drivers started driving on the sidewalks because of holes in the roads They could face a fine of two thousand rubles

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Rostov-on-Don drivers began to drive on the sidewalks due to poor coverage on the roadway. The information appeared on the social network from eyewitnesses on April 20.

Local residents of Voenveda noticed the intruder moving around the courtyard and sidewalks, and filmed him. The footage shows how the driver of the Chevrolet Lanos, with the lights on, moved along the pedestrian zone past the kiosks.

In the opinion of Rostovites, the roads in the Don capital have turned into real catacombs. The pits are one on top of the other, and all road services and authorities turn a blind eye to this. Due to the deplorable state of the roadway, the drivers moved to the pedestrian zones.

“Motorists slow down to 20 kilometers per hour and turn on the emergency gang,” said an indignant woman-pedestrian.

Note, according to the traffic rules of 2021, drivers for driving on sidewalks may face a fine of two thousand rubles.