Roskomnadzor allowed Twitter blocking in Russia a month later

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Roskomnadzor will block the social network Twitter in Russia in a month if it does not remove the prohibited materials. The deputy head of the department Vadim Subbotin told Izvestia about this on March 16.

According to him, the regulator counts down a month since the start of the slowdown in Twitter traffic – from March 9. Subbotin noted that if the service starts blocking the required content, but after a month does not delete all the materials, Roskomnadzor will not block Twitter on the territory of the state.

The deputy head of the department also said that the social network has not yet responded to Roskomnadzor’s requests, the regulator will monitor the company’s actions.

On March 10, after the announcement of a 100% slowdown in Twitter traffic in Russia from mobile devices and 50% from stationary devices, the regulator sent the protocols to court. The reason for this was the social network’s disregard for Roskomnadzor’s requirement to remove illegal materials.

Earlier, in an interview with Izvestia, Subbotin said that since 2017, more than 3 thousand such data have accumulated.

Twitter, in turn, expressed concern about “attempts to limit public discussion” on the Web due to the slowdown of the company’s services in Russia.

Subbotin called the platform’s messages about the alleged restriction of public dialogue on the Runet absurd. He added that Roskomnadzor is ready to conduct a dialogue with the management of the social network, but the company does not make contact.

On February 25, a member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, Yekaterina Mizulina, said that Twitter, Instagram and Facebook became leaders in terms of the ratio of the number of destructive materials to the audience of the site.