Roskachestvo: how to get the most out of tomatoes

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Roskachestvo told how to make vegetables useful for your health, eat them raw or processed, and whether all tomato-containing products are equally useful.

Eat a tomato and you will be glad

Tomatoes are an excellent source of potassium, vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin K. Tomato must be present in the diet of people with high blood cholesterol levels – it will be reduced by the fiber contained in tomatoes.

In addition, tomatoes are especially rich in lycopene. Lycopene is indispensable for the digestive system: it stimulates the digestive glands and normalizes appetite.

Important… According to Consumers Report, citing a 2020 study, men who eat tomatoes every day reduced their risk of prostate cancer by 28%.

Advice… Eating 200 grams of red tomatoes will provide you with the recommended daily intake of lycopene, as well as half a glass of tomato juice.

Raw or processed tomato – which one to choose

To get the most out of tomatoes, doctors recommend eating these vegetables not only raw but also processed.

Lycopene is found in many red-orange parts of plants. Tomatoes contain the most of it. Since its bioavailability increases during heat treatment, not only fried, but, in principle, thermally processed tomatoes, for example, stewed, baked, grilled, are very useful in the diet.

Lycopene has a health benefit: it improves cardiovascular function and protects against various types of cancer.

Lycopene content in tomato and tomato products

Most lycopene per hundred grams of the product is contained in tomato paste, followed by a spaghetti saucer, tomato ketchup, followed by tomato soup in a jar, tomato juice and fresh tomato.

Important. Not all tomato-containing foods are created equal. Some may contain high amounts of salt, preservatives and sugars.

How to choose the right tomatoes

  • Appearance. As a rule, unevenly shaped tomatoes are tastier. It should be resilient: neither soft nor hard. The fetus should not have any damage, green spots, sunburn;
  • Look at the “tail” of the tomato: if it is green, then the vegetable has not yet been on the counter. It is better not to take tomatoes with damaged tails;
  • Rub and sniff the fruit. The tomato should have a rich, pleasant aroma.

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