Roskachestvo found the most violations in honey and least of all in vodka

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Roskachestvo has summed up the results of the research carried out in 2020. Most violations of technical regulations and GOSTs were found in honey, and least of all in vodka and Borodino bread. The information was published on Wednesday, February 17, on the organization’s website.

“At the end of 2020, most violations among food products were found in honey (33 goods out of 46 studied), the least in vodka (2 goods out of 23) and Borodino bread (4 goods out of 26),” the message says.

According to the deputy head of Roskachestvo, Alexander Borisov, 59 studies were conducted in 2020. Last year, the number of infringed goods decreased to 210. In 2019, 272 infringed goods were detected, and in 2018 – 311.

“Among non-food products, the most problematic category is school uniforms, namely, blouses for primary school girls (23 out of 38 products were found to be with violations),” Roskachestvo said.

According to Borisov, the research results stimulate manufacturers to improve product quality. More than 60% of manufacturers, including representatives of retail chains, are ready to work on improving the quality of goods.

In early February, Roskachestvo discovered pesticides in organic bananas. The organization clarified that the pesticide chlorpyrifos at a concentration of 0.029 mg per 1 kg was found in bananas of one of the brands grown in Ecuador.

Last April, Roskachestvo discovered cadmium and arsenic in chips. In total, experts studied chips of 16 brands: potato chips with cheese flavor, and grain, and vegetables.