Road markings began to be applied in the Vologda region

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From April 20, markings began to appear on the roads of the Vologda Oblast. One of the first works started in the Vytegorsky district, namely on the Demino-Olkovo road. Here the contractor applies axial markings and markings at the pedestrian crossing in the village of Shchekino. In May, specialists will work on the main streets of Vytegra.

The work is being carried out within the framework of the Safe High-Quality Roads project. For marking, special paints and plastics were taken that comply with GOST. The process requires certain weather conditions: temperature not lower than +15 degrees and humidity not higher than 85%. Since 2020, thermoplastic has been used on roads that are kept free of compacted snow in winter.

Let’s add that the markup will be applied until June inclusive. It will appear on the roads being repaired as soon as the objects are ready.