Rizhsky Prospect in Pskov: geogrid on the highway, bike paths on the sidewalks

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Rizhsky prospect in Pskov was put into operation after renovation. “MK in Pskov” found out in the regional committee on transport and road facilities the details and numbers of large-scale repairs.

The avenue was repaired from March 17 to August 11. Completion date – 28 August.

More than 43 thousand square meters have been paved. m of avenue, 14 thousand sq. m of sidewalks. The two-layer asphalt pavement on the roadway is reinforced with geogrid.

8 bus stops have been repaired, paving slabs have appeared here.

The Yubileinaya Street stop has changed towards the city center. The drive-in pocket was moved closer to the roadway and the sidewalk was extended to the intersection with Yubileinaya Street. A taxi rank appeared.

676 m of fences were installed along the roadway, curbs were renewed.

At the junction of the sidewalks with the carriageway, they made a lowering of the side stone with a tactile tile device.

Governor Mikhail Vedernikov inspected the facility and praised the quality of the repairs. “We did it well. Well done! It’s nice that our local contractors meet all standards, performing the work accurately and efficiently, ahead of schedule. “

A bicycle path will be marked on the sidewalks.

The warranty for the work performed is: for the top layer of asphalt concrete – 4 years, curbstone – 2 years, marking – 1 year.

Next year, the repair of the avenue will continue – from Yubileynaya Street towards the exit from the city, only about 2 km.

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