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I admit it. If Donald Trump was re-elected, I would sell my oceanfront condo in Florida.

Living a few months in the greatest democratic power in the world, even with its faults, energized me. But to find myself again in this Trumpist Florida with Donald Trump in the White House was too painful for me.

In my building where 20% of the people are fellow Quebecers, a sort of artists’ house where we don’t have to sign autographs between us, there is a very pleasant friendly and cultural climate, as the people of the Lake say. -Saint Jean.

Our American neighbors are divided between Democrats and Republicans. Let’s say that dating Democrats is very illuminating. The meals between them and us are very friendly and intellectually rich in exchanges. Republicans, believing all Quebecers to be anti-Trump, are suspicious of us. They find us “special”. A neighbor even came to tell us one day that many of them were not at ease with people like us, “too educated” (it was a fixation at home), “too stars” (some- some of us can be found in the directory of the Union des artistes), so too exotic for them.

American complexity

Although in Florida the Republican vote wins again, I decided to return once the pandemic was under control. In fact, living in the United States, Florida in particular, has valuable journalistic advantages. Daily contact with this very diverse population, little politicized indeed, whose inhabitants avoid discussing politics even among themselves, allows us to better understand the American complexity.

The shock is cultural for us, so inclined to broach subjects which annoy. Whether it’s religion, sexuality or politics. However, it is not always easy to separate Trumpist activists from Democrats. Hence the interest in living there.

The tight results of this election hardly bode well for great hopes. Trump has not left American politics. Seventy million people support it, but 74 million more dream of reconciliation. What a challenge!

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