Restaurant owners threaten not to serve the governor and mayor of New York

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The ban on serving customers in the interior of New York restaurants due to the coronavirus epidemic has caused violent protests from both their owners and potential visitors.

And after the ban was reintroduced due to a second wave of virus infections, a group of restaurant owners are considering introducing a ban of their own – this time on serving Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio. “After some thought, I suggested that the restaurant industry put forward our own anti-forbidden protest appeal: if we are unable to provide food for our families, then we accordingly do not want to feed you and your family members,” said Michael Quinn, owner of the pasta specialty restaurant and one of the organizers of the protest movement. Quinn pointed out that the ban on serving customers inside restaurants forces people to gather at home or in other places that do not follow the strict hygiene measures in restaurants. According to the state administration, 70% of cases of coronavirus infection are from households and small gatherings of people, while no more than 2% of infections can be attributed to indoor dining.

“This is what it costs me to comply with security measures,” added Quinn. – For a package of disposable gloves, I pay almost $ 100 – depending on which gloves you buy. And I spend five such packs a day, because I think it’s better to play it safe than to regret later. ” He doesn’t like the idea of ​​not serving any customers, including de Blasio and Cuomo, he says, but “they don’t have the empathy they should have. With all due respect, I cannot fail to mention that their salary is guaranteed to them. “

Published in the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” No. 0 dated November 30 -0001

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Your ban is our ban!

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