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With each passing day, more and more entrepreneurs are becoming interested in using QuickBooks software to help them carry out their day-to-day operations smoothly. However, it cannot be denied that QuickBooks can transform the way entrepreneurs carry out their business activities, but it is prone to certain errors. One such error is quickbooks error code 6123. This kind of error code can be resolved using the quickbooks tool hub which we will discuss in the latter part of the article. Besides, we will take you through the meaning, major causes, and possible solutions to resolve quickbooks error code 6123, in this article.

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QuickBooks Error Code 6123: Meaning

QuickBooks Error 6123, as previously indicated, generally arises when users attempt to restore a backup of the company file. This error number appears without warning and impedes the actions of the company file. You may also encounter the same issue while attempting to open a business file from a multi-user network.

Alternatively, if you open the file straight from the network or restore the backup, the error message associated with this error code reads, “Problem connecting to Server.”

When you open a company file via a network or in multi-user mode, you may notice the error message on your computer screen which reads:

Error 6123: QB company connection file lost

Because this error can be difficult for users to address, we recommend that you disable your antivirus and security products.

Although most of the QuickBooks problem codes can be fixed using the quickbooks tool hub, we recommend you to go through the methods listed below which will assist you in overcoming the quickbooks error code 6123 with ease.

Important Points to remember: Before resolving the error, be sure to update QuickBooks and manually backup your company file to a safe storage area to avoid data loss due to a disaster during troubleshooting.

Causes of QuickBooks Error Code 6123

QuickBooks Error Code 6123 can be caused by multiple factors. However, a handful of them are listed below:

  • One of the causes of error code 6123 is damaged windows.
  • There could be a corrupted company file.
  • If you used an external storage device to restore the company file.
  • Another plausible explanation is a broken network connection from the host server.
  • Firewall settings are interfering with the QuickBooks software’s ability to open the company file.
  • If an antivirus product is installed on the machine, it may interfere with the smooth communication process.
  • QuickBooks data or application files have become corrupted or damaged.
  • Windows user and QBW files were corrupted.


Possible Solutions to Resolve QuickBooks Error Code 6123

After learning the major reasons that result in the error code 6123, it’s time to look for possible solutions to resolve the quickbooks error code 6123

Solution 1: Make use of QuickBooks Tool Hub

To resolve the QuickBooks Error 6123, the users can take the help of quickbooks tool hub. This tool is meant for resolving the error code with much difficulty.

Step 1: Download the Tool Hub

To download the quickbooks tool hub, follow the below-mentioned steps

  • Shut down all the QuickBooks accounting software
  • Then, you need to download the quickbooks tools hub
  • Once the download process is completed, save the file somewhere you can easily find it out. For instance, on the system desktop.
  • Open the file that was downloaded in the above step.
  • In order to install and agree to the terms and conditions, carry out the on-screen prompts.
  • Double-click the tool hub icon on the Windows desktop to launch it.
Step 2: Use the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

When it comes to common QuickBooks desktop data errors, the QB file doctor tool can assist you in automatically scanning and correcting the issue.

  • In the quickbooks tool hub, go to the Company File Issues tab.
  • Select the Run QuickBooks File Doctor option.
  • When the File Doctor tool opens, you should choose the company file from the drop-down list. If you are unable to locate it, use the Browse option to search the system for the file.
  • Select Check your file only and then click Continue to Diagnose File.
  • Enter the QuickBooks admin password, then click Continue. After that, the QuickBooks file doctor program will start the repairing procedure on its own, which may take some time.
  • To finish, select the company file from the list and then click the Open QuickBooks option.

Solution 2: Change the names of .ND and .TLG file

  • Firstly, you must open the folder containing the company file.
  • Select the appropriate .ND file.
  • Right-click the company file and select the rename option.
  • Change the name of the .ND file to .ND.OLD.
  • Select the .TLG file and rename it similarly.
  • Change the name to .TLG.OLD.
  • Make certain that the QuickBooks company file is open.

Solution 3: Make a New Window User

The possibility of a corrupted Windows user login is increased. In that situation, you can follow the steps outlined below:

  • Launch Control Panel and select the Create new user option from the User icon.
  • Choose administrator as the user type.
  • Log out of the current one.
  • The system is then rebooted, and the new user credentials are used to log in.
  • Now is the time to move the company file to the desktop.
  • Finally, launch QuickBooks and navigate to the company file.

Solution 4: Reboot your computer in Safe Mode

  • By rebooting and using your PC in safe mode, you will be able to stop all third-party software that is preventing QuickBooks desktop from running.
  • You can also try temporarily disabling third-party security apps in safe mode.


It is not difficult to resolve QuickBooks error 6123. Carrying out the easy methods outlined above can assist you in resolving the problem. However, if none of the approaches worked for you and this error continues to bother you, connect with the concerned team for further assistance.