Residents of Lipetsk will be fined for violations of the fire regime

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Lipetsk Mayor Yevgenia Uvarkina signed a decree on the introduction of a special fire regime for several months, from April 16 to August 31. In particular, local residents are prohibited from making fires.

“Fire hazardous areas, including areas adjacent to woodlands: Sselki, Zheltye Peski, Dachny, Traktorny, Novaya Zhizn, the area of ​​Silicate Lakes, will be patrolled by city rescuers and forestry workers,” the city administration said.

The relevant departments were instructed to ensure the constant readiness of engineering and water transport equipment, GOROD48 notes. The fine for citizens for violations of the special fire safety regime is up to 4 thousand rubles, for officials – up to 30 thousand, for legal entities – up to 400 thousand rubles.

The All-Russian Command and Staff Exercises (KShU) to eliminate wildfires and ensure flood control measures were held from 13 to 15 April in all regions in accordance with the decision of the Security Council of the Russian Federation and under the personal control of the head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation Yevgeny Zinichev. In the Jewish Autonomous Region (JAO), for the first time, they tested an Internet application for providing financial assistance to the population affected by emergencies.