Residents of Germany appreciated Putin’s response to Biden

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Readers of the German edition of the Welt appreciated the reaction of Russian President Vladimir Putin to the harsh statements of his American colleague Joe Biden against him. Most of the commentators supported the leader of the Russian Federation.

“One to zero in favor of Putin <...> He is one of the most far-sighted players in the world political arena,” one of the users wrote.

Some expressed the opinion that Putin’s response is a diplomatic masterpiece, and also suggested that the dialogue proposed by the Russian head of state with Biden would not take place on the air.

“These are our ‘democrats’, whom they set as an example for us. Compared to Biden [бывший американский президент Дональд] Trump is downright the inventor of diplomacy, ”reads one of the comments.

Some users expressed admiration for Putin’s intelligence, who, in their opinion, “did not pay Biden with the same coin.”

Biden said on March 17 that Russia must “pay” to “interfere” in the 2020 US elections. In turn, Russian President Vladimir Putin the next day wished Biden health and reminded the children’s tease “whoever calls his name is called that.”

On the same day, the Russian leader suggested that Biden hold an open conversation, in fact, online, noting that such a format would be of interest not only to the peoples of the United States and the Russian Federation, but also to many in the world.

On March 19, the American leader announced that he would talk with Putin again “at some point.”

Biden’s statement was preceded by a report from the Office of National Intelligence. It indicates that the Russian Federation allegedly interfered in the US presidential elections in 2020.