Residents of a village near Tver have to manually extinguish the grass

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On the evening of April 17, grass caught fire in the village of Glazkovo, Kalininsky District. Local residents went to extinguish the fire.

As the young guy told the “MK in Tver” correspondent, the fire took place in an ownerless area. It is not known what exactly caused the fire, but they did not immediately pay attention to the fire and began to extinguish it at the moment when the fire had already gone towards the houses. First, two men went to fight the fire. One of them was watering the grass with a garden hose, the other with a canister.

Soon other residents of Glazkovo pulled up and began to bury the fire. According to the guy, the adults are going to cope with the fire on their own, the Emergencies Ministry has not yet been called to the scene.

photo: ekaterina tsareva

photo: ekaterina tsareva