Residential quarters “Monolit” won the All-Russian competition of new buildings

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The largest objects of the Monolit group of companies were awarded with the TOP ZhK awards. As part of the events of the Russian Construction Week, which took place in Moscow on March 9-12, the winners and prize-winners of the largest in Russia award of residential complexes-new buildings TOP ZhK-2021 were announced.

Residential complexes erected by the Monolit group of companies were awarded the TOP ZhK-2021 awards in the following nominations. The multifunctional complex of apartments “Academy” in Simferopol took the third place in the nomination “The best residential complex-new building in the Republic of Crimea”. And the largest complex development object in the capital of Crimea – the City of “Crimean Rose” – took second place in the nomination “The best residential complex-new building in the Republic of Crimea, affordable housing”.

“For the second year in a row, our company has won prizes in the prestigious TOP RC competition among the many objects that are currently being built in Crimea,” said Daria Osadchaya, head of the brand and communications management department of the Monolit group of companies. “These awards are the result of the work of a huge number of people involved in design, construction, sales, marketing and a variety of support functions. We are not just building Crimea, but also creating an environment for a comfortable life, an ecosystem of new modern areas in the cities of the peninsula.

The winner of the TOP RC – City “Crimean Rose” – in Simferopol has already received recognition of domestic and foreign experts: the winner of Crimea Development Awards, as well as the owner of the “Silver Sign” at the International Architectural Forum “Zodchestvo”.

The implementation of the project for the integrated development of the territory – the City of “Crimean Rose” – an area of ​​more than 100 hectares in the north of Simferopol is designed for 11 years, and more than 9 thousand families will be able to become happy owners of new apartments.

The first object of the Crimean Rose Family of city blocks is the Lavanda residential complex. The first stages of construction have already been commissioned in 2020. It consists of six sections, the number of storeys of which varies from seven to 17 floors. A total of 566 apartments were built in the first phase.

Currently, other residential quarters are being completed: the Chernika residential complex – the largest of the existing ones – includes 18 sections of houses of different heights, from 5 to 18, as well as 10 stylobates with commercial premises; RC “Violet” is three 17-storey residential buildings; RC “Iris” and RC “Vanil” each have two multi-storey residential buildings, united by stylobates with an exploited roof. At the same time, at least ten next stages of construction are being designed.

The project for the integrated development of territories includes both the construction of engineering networks and the creation of social infrastructure. In the near future, it is planned to build two schools in the southern and northern sections; in 2020, three kindergartens were built and commissioned. The highlight of the project will be the center for Olympic training of the Republic of Crimea in water sports with two swimming pools.

The project provides for a modern improvement of common areas, a barrier-free environment for people with limited mobility, a courtyard without cars, a multi-level parking, own street retail – everything that will create a comfortable environment for living in the rhythm of a metropolis.