Reservoirs of Crimea in April replenished due to precipitation and melting snow

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The inflows of water in the Crimean reservoirs in April were significant, the total volume – by 24 million cubic meters more than a month earlier. This was reported in the Crimean Hydrometeorological Center.

“By the beginning of May, the total total volume of water in reservoirs located in river beds amounted to 85.8 million cubic meters. m, which is 24.4 million cubic meters. m more than a month ago, ”the hydrologists said in a statement.

It is noted that the total water supply remains less by almost 9 million cubic meters than at the beginning of May last year.

During the month, the inflow into the reservoirs was: Belogorskoye – 7.8 million cubic meters, Schastlivoe – 3.88, Simferopolskoye – 1.78, Chernorechenskoye – 10.5, Partizanskoye – 3.6, added in the Hydrometeorological Center.

The melting of snow remnants in mountainous areas, accompanied by rains, in the first half of April contributed to the maintenance of increased water content in most rivers of the northern foothills, hydrologists said.

On April 8, it was reported that the Crimean authorities chose Yalta as the first construction site for the first desalination plant on the peninsula. The next unit can be built in the western part of Crimea – the village of Frunze, Saki region.

After the reunification of Crimea with Russia in 2014, the supply of water through the North Crimean canal running from the Dnieper to the territory of the republic was completely cut off by Ukraine unilaterally.

The Russian government has prepared a comprehensive plan to ensure the peninsula’s water supply. Within the framework of it, almost 50 billion rubles were allocated to modernize the water supply system, including the development of new water sources, water supply facilities, the construction of hydraulic structures and the overhaul of infrastructure.