Rescuers told Pskov how to safely burn a scarecrow at Maslenitsa

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Shrovetide is a large-scale holiday of farewell to winter, the burning of an effigy is one of its integral attributes. And although mass events in the city are prohibited, it is possible to spend cold weather in a family circle, for example, at a summer cottage. What rules must be followed so that trouble does not happen – recommendations to the residents of the Pskov region were given in the regional department of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia.

“Many citizens independently arrange the burning of Maslenitsa in their yards and on their personal plots. However, it must be remembered that open fire is fraught with great danger, ”the rescuers noted, and then asked not to forget about the safety rules, no matter how strong the folk tradition was.

Experts forbid: to install the scarecrow too close to dwellings and outbuildings, to make it too large, to use gasoline and kerosene during the ignition, to leave the scarecrow unattended. All this, the Ministry of Emergency Situations explained, could lead to tragedy.

There is, however, another important recommendation: “Take into account the direction and strength of the wind; in case of strong wind, it is better to refrain from burning Shrovetide, as flying sparks can cause a fire in buildings.”

Finally, make sure the leftover stuffed animal is well extinguished.