Republicans cannot standby as ‘the demagogues of the Democratic Party’ tear this country apart: Mark Levin

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President Biden and Vice President Harris are pursuing a “diabolical course for our nation” and undermining “virtually every institution in our society,”  “Life, Liberty & Levin”  host Mark Levin said over the weekend. 

The host opened his show Sunday with a stark warning about the state of the country, underscoring the imminent threat that the growing far-left ideology poses to the values upon which the country was founded.

MARK LEVIN: They slander our ancestors, trash our founding documents and principles. They hate the country in which they live and contributed nothing to its betterment.

They live off the sweat and toil of others while pursuing a destructive and diabolical course for our nation, undermining and sabotaging virtually every institution in our society. Their ideology and worldview are based on the arguments and beliefs of the man ultimately Carl Marx whose writings are responsible for the enslavement and impoverishment torture and death of untold millions. 

This is a hard fact. Despite their predictable protestations, these are the useful idiots who occupy… positions of the Democratic Party, culture, media and academia. You see them We are surrounded by them. 

But, we must take solace and find strength in the sacrifice and bravery of our revolutionaries, John Hancock, Paul Revere and yes, Thomas Paine and become energized and spirited by the wisdom and genius of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, James Madison. Ben Franklin, and so many others.

While they have been smeared and degraded by the American left and the Democratic Party and the man that occupies the Oval Office, we must celebrate them, be invigorated by them, and remember that together they defeated the most powerful military force on Earth what founded the greatest most extraordinary nation in the history of mankind.”

Contrary to the slurs we hear from Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, from Lebron James and athletes, contrary to the slurs that we hear from Antifa and Black Lives Matter and other leftist Marxists in this country, America is a great country.

Levin said Republicans cannot just standby and allow “the worst of the demagogues of the Democratic Party… and individuals in the media and people in the streets like Al Sharpton among others to tear this country apart.”

“Just remember this, we are a great people and when they attack America, they are attacking our forefathers. I didn’t say we are perfect people, I said we are a great people. There is a reason why 42 million people south of the border — according to Gallup — if they had an opportunity, would come to the United States.

 These are Brown people and Black people. who wish to leave their countries and their cultures for our country and our culture. You would think if we were everything that Lebron James said, everything Joe Biden said, that if we were everything that Maxine Waters said, there would be 42 million people would be lining up to get out of America.


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