Repair of the Southern Highway started in Samara

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In Samara this week, the repair of the Yuzhnoye Highway started, work is carried out mainly at night. This is reported by the city administration.

The highway will be repaired along its entire length – from Uralskaya Street to the Yuzhny Bridge. This week the road workers have been removing the old pavement layer. Then the contractor will proceed with the construction of a new layer, specifies NIA “Samara”.

Shamil Khaliullov, director of MBU “Road Facilities”, said that work is mainly carried out at night due to heavy traffic during the day. In this case, the movement is not limited, only the lane on which the repair is being carried out at the moment is blocked.

The length of the road is over 5 km, and the area of ​​work is 92 thousand square meters. The renovation is planned to be completed by the beginning of July this year.

The southern highway is one of the most important arteries of Samara; it is called the southern entrance gate to the city. Also, the road leads to industrial bases and the “South City” microdistrict of the Volzhsky district of the region. Highway traffic is always high.