Rep. Byron Donalds says Gov. DeSantis ‘absolutely correct’ to ban critical race theory in schools

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 Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL) said Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was “absolutely correct” to ban critical race theory from Florida curriculum, telling “FOX News Primetime” children need to be taught “the full history of the United States.”

DONALDS: Yes, we have dark spots in our history. I’m the first to acknowledge that, but we also have to understand that our country is the great story of redemption in world history. We are a far better country than we were 100 years ago, 200 years ago. And, we need to embrace our history, but also understand and embrace the country we are today and the country we continue to become every single year going forward. So I applaud the governor and his decision. We need to see more of that in the other 49 states.

The way to go is for our school systems to actually to enter the information age, Maria. And by using that, what you want to do is create an economy for education. You see, parents need to have the purchasing power to place their children in an environment that works best for them. That’s something my mother did for me and that’s something that countless mothers across the United States, and fathers for that matter, want to do for their children. The days of being trapped by your zip code, being locked into a public school system that has a top-down approach where there is no flexibility, actually doesn’t reward and treat the fact that children learn differently, those days are over. We have to have an academic system that actually let’s parents choose because they know what’s best for their children not government, not bureaucrats.

This is one of the most progressive agendas we have ever seen in the United States. Have you wondered by Bernie Sanders isn’t saying anything? Why AOC isn’t saying anything? It’s because they are very happy with the direction that Joe Biden is going, which means it’s bad for Americans and it’s bad for America. Joe Biden ran on this platform, it didn’t make much sense, but he ran on this platform of trying to save the democracy. What we are seeing up here on Capitol Hill is he’s destroying the republic. No other president has ever signed 50 executive actions and orders. Nancy Pelosi is taking bills from her office directly to the floor bypassing all committees. The American people aren’t even allowed in the nation’s capital, Maria. This is not the way our republic is supposed to function. Our republic is of the people, by the people and for the people. Not for somebody from Delaware or somebody from San Francisco, and that is exactly what’s happening. It’s a destructive agenda for our country.


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