Renata Litvinova announced the routes in Yandex.Maps

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Russian actress and director Renata Litvinova became the first voice of a new project in Yandex.Maps, where famous people voice the driving along the route in the navigator. This was announced on Thursday, April 15, by the press service of the Yandex company.

The project provides for playing the situation on the roads in a certain manner of speech of the speaker. So, for example, Litvinova will give hints to drivers with personal accents, words and pauses.

If the route is rebuilt, she will say: “Let’s go by secret paths”, during road works the actress will say: “Well, there is something nafunchozili again.” At the end of the road you will hear the phrase: “I don’t want to part at all, but we are there, and I will miss”.

In order to turn on the voice of Litvinova, you need to go to the “Settings” of the application, open the “Routes” icon, select “Sound” and “Voice”.

Yandex. Maps ”is a universal service where you can choose the desired route, as well as choose a restaurant or book a hotel room. At the moment, three voice assistants are available in the service by default: “Alice”, “Oksana” and “Dmitry”.

Earlier, on November 27, 2020, the Yandex.Maps service also began informing users about the level of congestion at Moscow metro stations. As noted by the developers, citizens receive relevant information through the designation of color indicators. So, the busiest metro stations are marked in red, and green indicates a small number of people.