Released “Skopinsky maniac” did not show up home on time

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Released Viktor Mokhov, known as the “Skopinsky maniac”, did not arrive at the appointed time home in his hometown of Skopin, REN TV reported on March 5.

Earlier it became known that Mokhov was ordered to appear at the place of further stay no later than Thursday, March 4.

However, as the correspondents of the TV channel, who are at the house of the “Skopinsky maniac,” report, he did not appear on the specified date.

In addition, according to the law enforcement document, Mokhov is obliged to register with the Skopino department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for registration within three days. Administrative supervision has been established against him for a period of six years.

On March 3, it became known that Viktor Mokhov was released after serving a sentence of 17 years in the colony IK-4 in the Saratov region. After his release, he will not be able to attend public events and walk at night.

In 2000, Mokhov kidnapped 14-year-old Ekaterina and 17-year-old Elena. He imprisoned the victims for almost four years in an underground dungeon, which he set up at his summer cottage, where in perverted forms he raped captives, beat and starved them.

Later, Elena gave birth to two sons from him. Mokhov took the boys away from their mother and threw them into the entrances of Skopin’s high-rise buildings. Both children were subsequently adopted; after their release, their biological mother, due to psychological trauma, could not take the children for herself.

The prisoners were able to get out of captivity only in May 2004, when Catherine managed to hand over to the lodger Mokhov a note asking for help. She turned to the police, after which the girls were released.

In August 2005, the Skopinsky District Court sentenced Mokhov to 17 years in a strict regime colony.