Relatives of COVID-19 victims in Italy contact the Bergamo prosecutor’s office

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In Italy, members of the public organization Noi Denunceremo, which was created in April last year to defend the interests of citizens who have died from coronavirus in the city of Bergamo, the capital of Lombardy, intend to open a criminal case against the country’s government and have turned to the local prosecutor’s office. They accuse the authorities of inadequate measures to counter the pandemic. This was announced on Wednesday, March 23rd, by the German magazine der Spiegel.

According to the head of the organization, Luca Fusco, a civil suit was initiated against the government’s actions. However, he stressed, not all initiators of the proceedings believe that this will be enough. Fusco said the Italian justice system is unlikely to allow compensation for damages.

In this regard, the organization intends to pay more attention to the criminal aspect of the case. Fusco recalled that criminal law in Italy makes it possible to demand compensation from the state, ministers, as well as “people who have made mistakes.”

In Italy, the coronavirus was detected on February 20 last year in Lombardy, a region in the north of the country where a large community of immigrants from China lives. After that, the disease began to spread rapidly in the provinces, for several weeks Italy was the leader in Europe in the number of infected and victims.

On March 12, the Italian government announced that due to the deterioration of the general epidemiological situation during the days of Catholic Easter, from April 3 to April 5, a nationwide quarantine was introduced throughout the country, which corresponds to a lockdown.

According to the International Bureau of Statistics Worldometer, as of March 24, 3,440,862 cases of COVID-19 were detected in Italy, 106,339 people died. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 2,773,215 people have fully recovered.