Rehabilitation therapist spoke about gymnastics for the lungs

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Rehabilitation therapist, yoga instructor Dmitry Sandul spoke about simple breathing exercises, which will help to better supply the body with oxygen and improve health.

According to the specialist, a person does not fully utilize the lung resource and breathes by only 30-40%.

“You can check it yourself – you take a breath, and it is very short, and if you take a purposeful breath, it will be long, voluminous. The simplest thing that can be done at all is to learn how to use breathing and holdings, ”Sputnik radio quotes him on Sunday, March 21.

Sandul recalled that during the Second World War, a special type of breathing was practiced on submarines, which “stretched” oxygen for a long time. Due to this type of breathing, a person cleans the lungs and increases the resource and the amount of air that gets into them.

In addition, breathing exercises can help restore the lungs after coronavirus. To do this, you can use pranayama – a breathing technique that is widely known in yoga practice.

“We inhale through our nose, increase it as long as possible, the same calm long exhalation. You can practice “square” breathing: inhale and exhale in four counts, adjust the duration of inhalation and exhalation. So you stretch the lungs, the pulmonary system begins to develop, ”Sandul said.

Breathing exercises should be done at least twice a day for five minutes without a medical mask, since exhalation into it will form toxins.

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